Yohan Corrioso Sanchez

Yohan Corridso was born in Cuba / Havana and has already discovered the love of dancing in childhood. He learned his first salsa steps as soon as he could walk from his mother and at seven he danced his first Rueda. The music and the movements of his culture fascinated him very early, but in his youth his passion belonged to the Taekwondo.

At the age of 16, he decided to make dancing to his profession and spent five years at the "cenarte - teatro y danza" where he learned ballet, afro, danza and all the popular dances of the Cuban culture.

After this he danced for two years as a part of the company "Cucalambe" in the program "Palmas y canas" and felt then ready to set up his own company in Varadero. In 2002 Yohan signed a contract with "Acor-Hotels" as a choreographer and director of entertainmen in France. After two years in Europe he went back to Cuba to become part of the company "Cubaname" - this was his breakthrough as a show dancer. He traveled to Panama, Jamaica, France, Germany, and danced in various cabarets in Cuba such as „Cabaret nacional“ and „El Capri“. There he was discovered by the team "Havana Club International" and was hired as a promoter of "Havana Club" for one year.

When one day the majority of his company did not come back from Mexico, "Cubaname" broke up and Yohan signed a contract with Viadanza. There he danced in the company "Danza chevere" and began to teach. In 2012, Tenna Quist, from Denmark, discovered Yohan in one of his clases and organized the first contract for him with a festival in Europe, the „SalsaNor's Rueda congress“ and a workshop-tour through Northern Europe. In the same year, he was invited to UNiDANZA in Hamburg, where he he was taken as a teacher in the European Salsa-scene. Today, he is no longer he is no more to spirit away from a good festival and is regularly voted for the most favourited teacher. His festivals include Cubaniando, Eurofestival Düsseldorf, Ruedafestival in Stuttgart, "Bailar Siempre Salsa Weekend" - to name only a few festivals. Currently he is working at the dance school "Conexion" in Frankfurt and founded his own school in Havana in 2016